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Who we are

The Groove Spot Band

For years the Groove-Spot Band & Show has been a local and regional favorite. Critically-acclaimed, they have performed and shared the stage with many of the nations leading recording acts. Most recently the Groove-Spot Band has been the opening act for groups such as Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, The Stylistics, Freddie Jackson, Howard Hewitt, the Intruders and the Floaters. Later this year, the band is scheduled to share the stage with The O’Jays, Bloodstone and the Dramatics. The band was established in 1999 and has since averaged over 30 events per year. One reason the band has become a crowd favorite is due to the fact that they offer quality entertainment at an affordable price. The band specializes in weddings, corporate functions, private parties, festivals and concerts emphasizing on strong, soulful vocals with solid instrumentals.

Famous for getting crowds on the dance floor and more importantly, for keeping them there, the Groove-Spot Band & Show’s performance is custom-tailored to best suit each audience and occasion. With over a hundred songs in the repertoire, in a wide variety of styles, the band can also be booked in several different combinations, ranging from just four or five musicians to as many as eleven, including one of the tightest 3-Piece horn sections in the country and one of the finest female vocalists in this area. As you read the band member’s bios, you will notice that each band member has achieved mainstream success musically over the years while performing with major artists on the big stage. As thousands of appreciative listeners and hundreds of satisfied customers agree, the Groove-Spot Band & Show are musicians truly committed to making each and every show an event to remember.


our performers

Vance Wilkerson

Drummer/Vocalist - Vance has played the set since 1975 and his musical experience has led him all over the nation, performing as the lead singer/percussionist with Vaughan Mason & Crew (Bounce Rock Skate Roll, Break for Love & Jamming Big Guitar). While touring with Vaughan Mason & Crew, he has shared the big stage and has performed shows side by side with national groups such as the Isley Brother’s, the Zapp Band, Midnight Star, Gene Chandler (The Duke of Earl). Vance enjoys reuniting with several groups he's helped establish in the Baltimore / Washington metropolitan area. Specifically, the Risky Business Band (specializing in weddings and major corporate events). Prior to forming The Groove-Spot Band & Show, Vance played the drums for the Street Wave Band and the Main street Band (a defunct top 40’s band).

Ondrea Richardson

Female Lead Vocalist - Over the past 20 years, Ondrea has become a crowd favorite in the area. Ondrea has been an important asset to the band, instrumental to it’s success and one of the reasons many clients continue to hire the Groove-Spot Band & Show to perform at their events year after year. Ondrea has skillfully honed her craft and developed her voice on the music scene at many local weddings, talent showcases, restaurants, clubs and corporate functions in the area. It’s no wonder why Ondrea has truly become a “Showstopper” at many of the Groove-Spot Band & Show performances.

Kevin Bentley

Bass Guitarist - Kevin has been apart of the Groove Spot Band & Show since early 2002 and has provided that solid backbone and structure for the rhyme section and group since he came on board. Since Kevin joined the rhythm section, the band’s music has totally morphed into that R & B style that leaves audiences wanting more. Kevin provides that funky bass “bottom” that makes you want to move your feet every time you hear the band play. Kevin serves as the band’s Stage Manager on most shows and is truly the “backbone” of the rthym section.

Garland "Nez" Colbert

Male Lead Vocalist - Experienced, talented and soulful singer; He is refreshing, powerful and full of the "IT" factor. As one of the lead singers for The Groove Spot Band & Show and beloved karaoke singer; Whats next for the one they call Nez??? Singing since the age of 6, Nez and his family always known he had a very rare talent. Smooth with the ladies and robust sounds, singing was clearly his calling. Becoming known throughout his high school years, forming R&B singing groups with his friends ( Q and the now world famous group known as Dru Hill) he also found fame by climbing the latter in the hardest talent search ever known to exist... The Apollo.

Austin Turner

Male Lead Vocalist - Austin is a natural musician who plays the drums, the trumpet and is an outstanding vocalist. While performing with the United States Air Force, he found his true love of musical entertainment—singing and dancing for a live audience! After a year of hiatus, Austin joined The Groove Spot Band in 2008 as one of the band’s lead vocalists. His stage presence is electrifying, deemed as “Mr. Excitement” and compared to legendary artists Jackie Wilson and James Brown. Austin has previously played with Streetwave Band and Show, Jenaesaqouis, Flexstasy, and The Online Smooth Jazz and Funk Band.

John Bryan

Trombone - John Bryan has been playing the music scene for more than 50 years. He started at the early age of 14 playing professionally in the local area while making quite a name for himself among his peers. It wasn’t long before he caught the attention of one of the founding members of the 1950’s legendary Rock & Roll Group called the “Van Dykes”. John was quickly recruited to join forces with them and pursue what was then a history making band in the making. It was then that he further enhanced his skills and developed his unique style on the trombone. His rhythmic slides and soulful riffs have made him a crowd favorite on the local music scene for decades now.

Carlos Johnson

Alto Sax - Carlos Johnson has been one of the busiest Saxophone players in this area. Carlos has been very instrumental and has played a major role establishing the Baltimore Jazz scene over the past 50 years. In the past, Carlos has successfully served as the Band Leader and Musical Director for almost 20 years for the late Great Damita Jo Dublanc. While touring the country, Carlos has performed and shared the stage with a number of the nation's national recording groups. Carlos has perfected his craft and honed his skills decade after decade with legendary performers and great artists such as the legendary guitarist Mr. Les Paul, vocalist Mrs. Ela Fitzgerald, just to name a few.

Nick Martin

Keyboard - The Groove Spot Band & Show’s Main Keyboard position is held by No other than the legendary “Keyboard Extraordinaire” Mr. Nick Martin!! Mr. Martin brings a well of musical knowledge and experience that has led him all over the Nation Performing and Sharing the Stage with many notable National Recording Acts such as Wilson Pickett, Mr. James Brown, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Mary Wells, The Stylistics’,The Floaters, The Delfonics and many more. While Touring with Mr. Wilson Picket they performed many shows touring throughout Europe and in the US. Nick has also worked with and performed with many of the 1950s Doo Wop groups such as the Clovers (love Potion no. 9), the Shirelles (Will you still love me tomorrow), the Coasters, Clara Thomas, Gene Chandler, the Jewels and the Ordeals (crying in the Chapel). Nick brings such vital chemistry and versatility to the Groove Spot Band and Show. Nick’s Style is second to none; therefore it’s No doubt surely worth the “Ticket price” just to see his performance alongside fellow Rhythm Section for the GSB. Nick has been an integral and vital part of GSB for 10 Years Now.

P.J. Benedetta

Guitarist/Vocalist - PJ first became involved with the Groove Spot Band & Show in 2010 when he started running sound on occasion. After some time, PJ decided to move into the guitarist position and has not looked back since. PJ has shared that "playing with Vance and the rest of the band is so much fun; I sometimes forget we are working." PJ looks to continue his success in the industry with Vance and the Band. PJ has often shared his opinion on what we do and why we do it…."It's all about the clients and giving them what they want; a good time, lots of dancing and the beginning to a relationship."

Ernest "Rick" Williams

Lead Guitarist/Vocalist - Rick has been a local favorite for years—performing as one of the hottest singing guitarists. He has performed with artists: The Zapp Band, Dennis Edwards (formerly with the Temptations) and gospel greats Lee Williams and Jerry Butler. Rick has also played with many local bands and churches in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. Rick coordinates the band’s three-part harmony section, which is the driving force behind the passionate vocals heard when listening to The Groove-Spot Band. His energetic guitar riffs and ability to sing any note on key is second-to-none. When combining his guitar skills with his amazing voice, he is deemed a triple threat on stage.

Von Pariss (The 'Entertainer')

Actor, Singer, Songwriter - Von the man with the soulful charismatic voice from the Motor City of Detroit, a true showman who knows how to bring you that “stomp down” show biz performance with a style of R&B, Jazz, Rock & Gospel. His voice has garnered him much acclaim traveling from cities such as: Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. While living in LA, he worked in films – he was a stand-in for veteran TV and Film Actor Joe Morgan. Von has also traveled over to Europe performing nightly in venues before overflowing crowds. After coming to Washington, DC, Von immediately made a name for himself grabbing the attention of many top local Bands who wanted him as their Lead singer.

Kimberly (K-NOTES) Miller

Female Lead Vocalist - Kimberly has been singing for over 20 years. Kimberly’s 1st taste of singing began in the church choir at a very young age. Kimberly’s alto voice has been wowing audiences for years now and audiences have been known to ask for more after she gives renditions of some of her signature songs at weddings, holiday parties and home going ceremonies. Kimberly’s previous musical endeavors have included local bands such as Fahrenheit and The Sweat Band. Kimberly has also been a previous Winner of the 2016 Voice of Baltimore Prestigious Award. Kimberly joined the Groove Spot Band and Show in 2016 and has been a vital part of the core harmonies ever since. Her unique style and renditions of some of today’s R & B ballads is second to none. Coupled with her charismatic stage presence and energy she adds a vital presence to the core vocals of the GSB. Kimberly is known for belting out R & B favorites by Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and a slew of other alto artist. But don’t be surprised if she breaks out a rock, pop or country song every now and then.